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Analyst predicts two more years of Wii shortages


For those of you who do the weekly rounds, calling local stores to check for the presence of Wii, analyst Billy Pidgeon's prediction may not come as a surprise. The IDC analyst doesn't think Nintendo will manage to meet demand until 2009. Game drought? At that rate, does it even matter? You might not even be able to find a Wii!

We're pretty fond of Nintendo around here, as you might have guessed. Obviously, we assume that everyone else is, too. But sometimes, the sheer level of desire for the waggle even takes us by surprise. Pidgeon warns that Sony and Microsoft need more exciting games immediately -- what they have on the horizon isn't going to be enough. When one realizes that those currently-coming games are Halo 3 and Lair, the situation looks even more dire.

But that's how analysts roll -- for them, everything exists on an epic scale. But remember the good ol' days, when the shortage was supposed to be winding down?

[Via Joystiq]

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