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Drink enough Coke, get Wii for free


If you're looking for another possible avenue for Wii ownership, and you have a very loose definition of "possible," may we suggest the MyCokeRewards store? Coca-Cola has been including codes on their products that correspond to points; these points can be redeemed for items on their website. Thanks to a tip from reader Sam, we can alert you to the fact that they've added Wiis to their selection-- for 6,250 points, which comes out to 625 cases of Coke, or 2084 20-ounce bottles. Better start raiding dumpsters for those reward codes!*

We've used MyCokeRewards quite a bit and love it: among our purchases are the custom-printed 20"x28" Katamari Damacy poster seen above, and one Playstation 2 game with free bonus controversy! It's nice to get free merchandise for something we'd be doing anyway-- drinking delicious, chilled beverages.

*Wii Fanboy does not encourage the raiding of dumpsters.

[Thanks, Sam!]

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