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Fake: Excite Truck 2 multiplayer mode with Mii display revealed

Update 4/25 10:50am: Despite appearing on GamesPress this morning (now conveniently missing) and still being mirrored publicly at, it looks like this strange, terse announcement (and it's accompanying screenshots) for Excite Truck 2 is ... a fake. We've asked Nintendo for a comment on the "announcement." The original post is saved after the break. 11:25am: CVG says, "Nintendo has confirmed [the announcement] to be fake."

After Excite Truck's disappointing lack of online multiplayer (not to mention four-person local multiplayer!), we're heartened to read this terse press release from Nintendo of Canada heralding the sequel's online multiplayer mode. The deets: up to 6 players with accompanying Mii display (see pic) and the beloved Nintendo friend code system (yay!). As if that wasn't already enough information, Nintendo really got particular promising "a lot of options," "a bunch of new tracks," and "better visual effects and shadows!" We tease, of course. We're really excited to see Nintendo implementing multiplayer on the Wii (friend codes be damned!) and the Mii display is a nice touch. Oh, and one of those "new tracks" is the Moon. With low gravity.

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