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GiSTEQ PhotoTracker brings GPS phototagging to the masses

Nilay Patel

We've been seeing a bunch of GPS camera-trackers pop up lately, but the implementations have all seemed a bit silly, like Jelbert's big honkin' GeoTagger. GiSTEQ is looking to change all that with the introduction of the PhotoTracker, a $99 GPS receiver that's designed to unobtrusively work with virtually all digital cameras. Like Sony's GPS-CS1, you sync the unit to your cam's built-in clock and then toss it in your bag or pocket, where it can record location data for the next 3-4 weeks. The included software then takes this info and adds the appropriate geotags to your photos as you're pulling them off your memory card. It's a simple (and great) idea, we just wish the software didn't look like it's going to insist on being your primary photo manager.

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