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Nibris shows possible real game: Double Bloob


Controversial developer Nibris, known for the Wii Sadness trailer and the DS Raid Over The River, shared some videos and pictures of a new(ish) game with Cubed3. Double Bloob is the new name for Double Pang, which indicates that either they lost the rights to the Pang series (also known as Buster Bros.) or never had them in the first place. Double Bloob is a puzzle game about harpooning some huge bouncing blobs, likely called Bloobs, causing them to double.

Given that there's a video of Double Bloob being played on a DS Lite, this may actually exist in some playable form. We hope. We're rooting for them to finish a game, at this point, hopefully after running spell-check. Check out the shaky video after the break.

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