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Panasonic updates ultraportables with Core 2 Duos

Nilay Patel

The Panasonic laptop division is in high gear this week, first recalling some 6,000 batteries in Japan, and now revving its ultraportable line with dual-core 64-bit capable 1.06GHz U7500 Core 2 Duos across the board. The $2,109 W5a features a 12-inch screen, a gig of RAM, an 80GB HD, and that snazzy top-loading DVD writer, while the $1,898 T5a drops the optical drive in favor of longer battery life (13 hours vs. 10 for the W5a). If that's sounding good to you but for some reason you also need to drop your laptop up to 30 inches into a puddle, Panny's got you covered with the 2.1-pound R6a, a $1,772 10.4-inch machine with a 7.5 hour battery. All three machines are expected to drop in Japan on May 18th.

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