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Screenshot gives glimpse into Crackdown's future

Justin McElroy

Yeah, you like that? You like that image? You know what that is? ... No, we don't either. Well, we know it's from upcoming Crackdown-loadable content. But we were actually hoping you could shed some more light on it. "Agent G," a staffer for developer Realtime Worlds, let the image slip on the official forums for the game, saying it was a look at a new game type and a new sort of vehicle that would be available "soon."

The mysterious image depicts what appears to be four dune buggies jockeying for position. We've previously learned that Realtime has created competitive modes and racing would seem to be a good fit. It's not exactly the aircraft the developer has hinted at (unless that aerial buggy is some sort of oddly-designed helicopter) but we'll take it. Anyway, those are our thoughts. Do you Crackheads have any theories?

[via Gamespot]

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