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The Boy Genius Report: More detail on Sprint's summer plans

Chris Ziegler

Field report tidbits from Engadget's mobile insider, the Boy Genius.

We have some additional details to fill in some blanks created by Sprint's last roadmap document -- nothing groundbreaking, but we now know exactly what it is that'll be discontinued over the next few months, and admittedly, there are a few surprises. But before we talk about phones riding off into the sunset, let's touch on some new arrivals, shall we? The PPC-6800 and Treo 755p are set to show on on exactly the same day -- May 14 -- which should lead to an interesting sales face-off. Sprint's brief description of the 755p is kinda interesting: "1st Palm EVDO Treo w/intern antenna. In box support for IM, NFL Mobile, Mobile Voice Control, voice dialing, replaces Treo 700P." Actually, it's not that interesting, we just really like to see the phrase "1st Palm EVDO Treo w/intern antenna" all official-like. Also of note, the Sanyo Katana II hits June 18 to replace the Katana (obviously), though Sanyo fans' excitement is going to be quelled a bit by the knowledge that the M1 is now chalked up for decommissioning in the May - June timeframe. Seems like a short life for a relatively powerful handset, no? Anyhoo, follow the break for a full list of Sprint pieces getting the proverbial axe in the coming months.

• LG225 (LG225KITS) – EOL 3/30/07, some BKO will be filled.
• LG225 (LG225KITR) – 4/10/07, BKO will be filled.
• Samsung A900 (SPHA900MKS) – 4/10/07, BKO will be filled.
• Sanyo 2400 Silver (SCP2400KTS) – Early April.
• Samsung A420 (SPHA420TAS) – Early April.
• Novatel U720 (NVU720DORA) – April, all channels except business/direct.
• Sanyo 7000 (SCP7000KIT) – April.
• Motorola i560 (I560Y) – Yellow only, April.
• CDM120 (CDM120SP) – May
• Treo 700P (PTR700PHK) – May
• Blackberry 7520 (RIM7520) – May
• Samsung A640 (SPHA640ZKS) – May/June
• Sanyo M1 (SCPM1KIT) – May/June
• Samsung M500 – (red -SPHM500ORS, silver - SPHM500BKS) May/June
• Sanyo 3100 (Brown-SCP3100KTN, Pink-SCP3100KTP, Silver-SCP3100KTS) –May/June
• Sanyo 2400 (Black-SCP2400KTB, Blue-SCP2400KTU) –June
• Sanyo 8400 (Black – SCP8400KTB, Blue – SCP8400KTU, White – SCP8400KTW) June.

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