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Beta Beat: Mac Mozy Online Backup opens public beta


Mozy is a secure online backup service from Berkeley Data Systems. Today, Mozy introduced a public beta for Mac users, offering a Universal binary that runs on both Power PC and Intel systems. Mac Mozy provides both full- and incremental-backups and allows you to schedule those backups for specific times or to wait for when your computer is idle. Berkeley offers two basic plans to choose from. You can store up to 2 GB of data for free or, if you need more space, $5/month provides unlimited backup space.

Most importantly, the data is stored securely. Mozy uses 448-bit blowfish encryption on your data and you select your private encryption key. No one at Berkeley has access to that key. If you'd like to give Mac Mozy a spin, stop by their free registration page, answer some personal questions and wait for an e-mail with a link to their download page.

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