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Crimson Skies may fly high again

Dustin Burg

In the April issue of OXM the Rumor Mole speculates about a sequel to semi-breakout hit Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge. The rumor fueling evidence on a sequel comes straight from developer Airtight Games' website. Their website lists numerous ex-Crimson Skies employees under their company bios section and also shows off prototype images/videos that include objects eerily familiar to the Crimson Skies world. Need more proof? Under Airtight's current projects section they say that they are "working with one of the industry's leading publishers on a major unannounced title". Suspicious we say. Suspicious.

True or not, there is definitely a possibility that a Crimson Skies sequel in the works. But even if the game is in development we aren't expecting to see this game releasing anytime soon. So, anyone up for a little high flying sequel?

[Via GameFaqs, Thanks SeNiLe911]

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