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Halo 2 graphics comparision: Xbox vs Vista

Dustin Burg

True Xbox fanboys have already played Halo 2 so much that the game disc has started to warp, but our PC friends are just getting a taste of what it has to offer with the release of Halo 2 on Windows Vista. And with a Vista release, Halo 2 received a graphical upgrade with crisper textures and sleeker models. Don't believe us? The Gamespot crew posted a graphical comparison of Halo 2, pitting the Xbox version against its newer Vista cousin. The screenshots make it more than obvious that there is a startling contrast between the muddy Xbox graphics and the higher res Vista screens. And why shouldn't the game look prettier on Vista? Though, you have to remember that this is a port, so the graphics weren't majorly reworked. They were just kicked up a notch or two. Anyone using Vista and thinking about getting Halo 2 or will you be holding out a few more months for some Halo 3?

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