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Linux-based Audiobot Pro broadcasts your own radio station

Darren Murph

Streaming internet radio through the home most certainly isn't new, but Tables Turned is making good use of its name by flipping the sequence in reverse and allowing users to create their own radio stations and blast them back to the web. The aptly-named Audiobot Pro is a Linux-based device which enables customers to "distribute audio to radio stations and music venues." Made for those who adore simplicity, you simply connect up an audio source and it "automatically records, formats, and uploads MP3 recordings to any website." Moreover, it can also broadcast an actual internet radio stream for others to tune into, and each Audiobot operator can control the device by inserting their own "uniquely encoded USB key into the front of the device." Don't expect to crank up your own pirate station without a bit of up-front costs, however, as the Audiobot Pro will set you back $1,200 right from the start.

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