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NTT DoCoMo gets flat-rate Napster music downloads

Brian White

Try as they might, over-the-air music downloading services have generally been received with tepid responses from many wireless subscribers. That may change in Japan soon, as wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo will be offering the "Napster To Go" wireless music downloading service. While this sounds uneventful, the awesome detail here is that for a flat monthly fee (¥1,980, or about $16.70), NTT DoCoMo customers can access a wireless on-demand download library of over 300,000 tunes -- and download said tunes to their heart's content (the PC music download service from Napster features about 3,000,000 titles by comparison). Although NTT DoCoMo customers will see a 300,000-strong library of 3GPP-encoded titles, but we're not sure if file expiration or anything as heinous as that will be in effect here. Let's hope not.

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