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Sony and Immersion start working on a rumble...axis

Nick Doerr

Keeping with the palindrome name of SIXAXIS, we'd like to invite you guys to think up a palindrome for a PlayStation 3 controller that rumbles. Let's see... RUMBLBMUR? Terrible. That's my offering. Anyway, Sony and Immersion are officially in chats to discuss how to incorporate their technology into the SIXAXIS and other such peripherals.

This is coming from Sony PR honcho Dave Karraker, who replied to some curious people on a Killzone fansite. Asking about rumble and whatever, Karraker responded thus: "We are currently in discussions with Immersion on how we can incorporate their technologies into our products. No word on when that will happen." By "no word" we are of course going to take that as "announcement coming soon. E3? TGS? Sure." Thoughts?

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