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Sprint's Samsung UpStage drops to $100

Brian White

Just a few moons have passed overhead since the Samsung UpStage was released to the public, but Sprint has already dropped its price like a sack of hammers. The Samsung dual-faced and music-centric CDMA handset now lists for a mere $100 at Sprint Nextel's website. Handset prices from subsidized units regularly get price chops from all the major carriers, a fact we're all aware of. But, with the unique design position the UpStage held in the U.S. market, we're surprised the price was cut so much and so quick. Just released at CTIA about a month ago, the handset accompanies Sprint's decision recently to cut downloadable music tracks form its wireless music store from $2.50 to $0.99. If you're a Sprint customer and love your music on the fly, cheap and on a possible new UpStage, here's your day.

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