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What is this Nokia with American 3G?

Chris Ziegler

Is it the 6120 Classic? With little more than the outline of the handset's posterior to go by, it's hard to say, and the FCC knows it only as the "RM-289" for the moment. One thing we can say for certain is that it ain't no N75, but beyond that, it's pretty much anyone's guess. We normally wouldn't care about such poorly-identified models creeping through the FCC's bureaucratic cogs, but what makes this one special is that WCDMA is clearly identified in the test documents on both the 850 and 1900MHz bands. That's by no means a slam-dunk indicator that AT&T's signed up to carry it -- whatever "it" may be -- but in any event, folks should have little trouble eventually getting this one unlocked and using it stateside. We'll withhold any major celebrations until we know more about the model, but we're cautiously optimistic that Nokia's finally warming up to our oh-so-special flavor of 3G data.

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