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Gefen's new 4x4 HDMI Matrix switch

Ben Drawbaugh

One of the reasons why we still love component video is because of the availability of component video matrix switches. Matrix switches are like a Ethernet switch for HDTVs, they allow any source to connect to any HDTV throughout your house. That way you can stack up all your equipment in your closet, and enjoy any one of your sources on any one of your HDTVs. Finally regular consumers can get the same matrix action out of their HDMI gear, with Gefen's new 4x4 HDMI Matrix switch, which routes your video and sound, and can be controlled via IR or a RS-232 connection for your home automation system. As cool as this product is, it isn't for everyone. The switch costs $1,999, and who knows how much those long HDMI cables from the closet will cost you, but if you have four HDTVs, a Series3 TiVo, an Xbox360, an HD DVD and a Blu-ray player, you can probably afford it.

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