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Happy 10th un-birthday Duke Nukem Forever!


Hold on, Wii! Your name isn't the only thing celebrating a birthday today! Well, it's not so much a "birth" day in this other case, seeing as how we're still waiting for the baby to drop ...

So, happy 10th un-birthday Duke Nukem Forever! CVG reminds us that ten years ago, on this very day, you were conceived and hurriedly scribbled into tiny notebooks (computers weren't even invented yet!) and from there typed up into magazines (remember them?) the world over. Sure, a lot of things have happened in the last ten years (no, seriously, A LOT) -- including some awards, you assiduous devil -- but we still remember where we were when you were announced to the world. Find out where after the break:

Ludwig Kietzmann: Egads, I was in 7th grade back then! I still am, but at this rate, I'm pretty sure I'll be out before Duke Nukem Forever.

Justin McElroy: I was enjoying a malt at The Maxx, trying to convince Screech that he deserved to be valedictorian, despite how badly Jesse wanted the honor. Also: The Macarena.

Ross Miller: I was 11 and in 5th grade. I was probably running around on the playground and learning how to swear. Maybe I was playing Commander Keen.

Tony Carnevale: Ten years ago, I was attending college in a desert in Arizona, for reasons I still haven't figured out. I played a lot of Moria and Angband in those days. I'm actually very similar to Duke Nukem Forever, because everybody keeps expecting that someday, both of us will "come out."

Andrew Yoon: I was in 6th grade and I was most certainly watching Power Rangers -- as my friends were making fun of me for still watching Power Rangers.

Kevin Kelly: "I was graduating college and hitting the road from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California. Whee-ha!"

Alexander Sliwinski: I would have said playing Starcraft, but that wouldn't be out for another year.

Zack Stern: "I was preparing to spend the summer canoeing in the Arctic, where my group of paddlers would play card games instead of consoles."

James Ransom-Wiley: Getting stoned on my friend's roof, while listening to embarrassingly cliched songs about getting stoned.

Christopher Grant: I was undoubtedly playing Duke Nukem 3D over a 33.6 kbps modem on my 90Mhz Pentium all while wearing Reebok pumps, drinking a Crystal Pepsi, and fiddling with a snap bracelet.

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