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Lifesigns producer dissects the game


While the comparisons between it and Trauma Center: Under the Knife are unavoidable, they are kind of inappropriate. See, in Lifesigns: Surgical Unit, the action is a bit more realistic, as the game has you playing a doctor who doesn't have magical powers. That's not to say the omission of such character characteristics will make it any less of a game, but for those looking for a more authentic experience on the virtual operating table, Lifesigns: Surgical Unit is going to be a game to watch.

Jay Podilchuk, the game's producer, recently conducted a small Q & A with Siliconera, pointing out the reality-grounded story and gameplay of his title compared to others available on the market. Jay explains that the gameplay will include more than just the need to diagnose patients. Players will also need to exercise some bedside manner, allowing the doctor to extract information from the patient before diving into the diagnosis stage. Once diagnosed, the surgery portion will begin.

Other than that, Jay doesn't really have much more to say. He does manage to tease us, however, with the idea of localizing the sequel. This is only if the first game sells enough, obviously.

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