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Prototype Philips remote control mimics a book

Darren Murph

Although Chen Hung Ming's Book Style remote control isn't the first gizmo to mimic pages of the past, this prototype device adds a whole new meaning to flipping through the channels. Reportedly crafted for a short-term Philips project, Ming set out to construct a remote that was "perfect for everyone," had a simplistic interface scheme, and would appeal to a broad group of ages. Still, we can't imagine that this "universal" remote would be any easier to program that the internet-savvy controllers that are already available, but the clever colored tabs are indeed a thoughtful inclusion when considering the elderly. Of course, we've no idea if Philips (or anyone else, for that matter) plans on commercialization the design, but click on through for another glimpse anyway.

[Via YankoDesign]

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