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Six years of Segway: the profound effect on the human race

Darren Murph

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We'll admit, every so often a certain well-constructed spoof just catches you right, and in the case of the always-witty Onion, a perfectly executed mini-newscast covering the "profound effect" of the Segway really demonstrates how much of a non-factor this thing has been. Since the original launch in 2001, a good amount of folks have avoided the two-wheeled human transporter for one reason or another -- you know, things like uncontrollably reversing, it being banned in their country, the astonishingly high pricetag, and the oh-so-critical embarrassment factor -- and the "revolution" that it was supposed to spark has still not lit a flame. Sure, Jackie Chan may have demanded that the cast members on the set of Rush Hour III all get to their places via Segway, but c'mon, we'd surmise that the vast majority of dignified individuals would rather gallop around in a horse hoof alerting hybrid than face public humiliation on one of these things. Regardless of its impact (or glaring lack thereof), be sure to hit the read link if you need a chuckle. [Warning: link contains mild profanity]

[Thanks, Ben]

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