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Square Enix to announce next Star Ocean title in May

Nick Doerr

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine in Japan states that Square Enix is going to reveal something tasty next month -- the next entry into the Star Ocean franchise. It's getting its big reveal at the Square Enix Party 2007 event taking place next month. Next month, get it?

Whether the game will retain the futuristic elements its known for has yet to be announced, but we can only say this: don't let it suck so hard. While critics and fans hailed Star Ocean 2 and Star Ocean: Till The End of Time as great games... they just didn't do it for me. Tri-Ace is normally a fantastic developer in my eyes and Square Enix was smart to snatch them up. However, they've got to learn a few things about making games that Star Ocean generally misses out on:

  1. Don't drag out a story that's ended. Star Ocean 2 did this pretty horribly once you reach the second disc. All you have to do is fight the 13 whatever-they-were, but no. Tons of little nonsensical quests sprouted up to drag the playtime out.
  2. Hire better writers (I'm always available). We're not talking about the basic storyline, here. We mean dialogue. If you play Star Ocean: TTEoT, think about what each character is saying. Here's an example:
  • Dude: "We need to get the random item to advance the story!"
  • Lady: "The random item to advance the story?"
  • Dude: "Yes, it has great power to make this game not suck!"
  • Lady: "Great power?"
  • Dude 2: "It is rumored it destroyed Nick Doerr's interest in this title."
  • Lady 2: "His interest?"
Get the idea? Everyone had to question every single line of dialogue everyone else said. It was stupid.
Feel free to add your own issues to this list, but those are my main concerns. If those are addressed, I'd gladly give Star Ocean IV a shot. We'll come back with more details as they surface.

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