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Ukelele: visual keyboard layout editor

Mat Lu

One of the things I like about working on our Ask TUAW series is that researching answers to readers' questions leads me to interesting software I would not otherwise likely find. This week's Ask TUAW is a case in point, when somebody asked about remapping keyboard keys, it lead me to Ukelele, a cool visual keyboard layout editor. Ukelele presents you with a keyboard (above) and allows you to create custom key mappings simply by double-clicking on the visual representation of the key or even just dragging and dropping a character from the Character Palette onto the visual keyboard. Once the key layout is created you'll just need to select it from the Input Menu tab of the International Preference Pane (you can also activate a menubar icon to make it even easier to select between different keyboard layouts). So if you've ever wanted to remap a large number of your keys for some specialized purpose (e.g. a foreign language or even a programming language), then Ukelele will make it relatively easy.

Ukelele is a free download from NRSI.

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