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Xbox 360 Elite coverage roundup -- are you getting one?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Unless you're a die-hard Target customer you can't get your Xbox Elite until this Sunday, but if you were at all curious about the thing, we hope we delivered the goods yesterday with our coverage of the HDMI-totin' console. In case you missed any of the action, check out the links below.

The faceoff
Xbox 360 Elite vs. classic: the test

The hands-on, drive kit, and vote
Xbox 360 Elite arrives - unboxing, comparison ensues
Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit hands-on
Black on black: Xbox 360 Elite vs PS3, which is more 1337?

Other coverage
Xbox 360 Elite: new, black limited edition Xbox with HDMI and 120GB drive
Xbox 360 Elite and 120GB drive now official
Xbox 360 Elite hands-on video
First Xbox 360 Elite pre-order ready for your cash
Mod your 360 with an off-the-shelf 120GB HDD, save $100

So, you think you're gonna get one? Vote!

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