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AT&T to phone theft victim: file bankruptcy

Brian White

We have to chuckle heartily when we see massive wireless carriers turn a deaf ear to blatant billing snafus. In the latest edition, Bay area resident Wendy Nguyen received a $26,000 bill from AT&T after her cellphone was stolen before she hopped the pond for an overseas vacation. That thief either made calls to the moon or used a few terabytes of wireless data to get the bill to the lower five-digit mark, but AT&T wouldn't budge. The nation's largest wireless carrier received airline and passport proof from Ms. Nguyen that she was out of the country. Therefore, logic follows, she could not have even used her service during the period in question. Even though Ms. Nguyen's bill wasn't as high as this one, AT&T would have none of it and suggested she file bankruptcy instead. Uh, nice solution, AT&T.

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