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Motorola rolls out gold MOTOKRZR K1


Ah yes, it seems Motorola now has the Midas touch. To convince us that the KRZR still has some life in it, they've bumped out a limited edition champagne-gold KRZR K1 -- in Hong Kong, anyway. Like the KRZR Fire or PRODUCT (RED) versions, nothing seems to have been changed here -- it's only been prettified to appeal to a different market (in this case, the we-love-gold set). Before you jump out of your seat to hit the shops, be warned that this handset is apparently exclusive to Hong Kong and ties into a deal with Sa Sa Cosmetics to the tune of a 5 percent discount and free gold nail polish. The basket is definitely empty as far as details of release date, pricing, and carriers, but we will undoubtedly get some more info in the near term.

[Via Slashphone]

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