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Analog TV warning label becomes a reality

Ben Drawbaugh

Two months after the trafficking of analog TVs became a crime, those retailers who stocked up on analog TV in anticipation of the deadline, are going to have to put warning labels on all those analog only TVs. While some retail locations are already clean out of analog only TVs, others are still holding onto quite a few for all those bargain shoppers. What these labels are supposed to do is to let consumers know that these TVs aren't a bargain after all, especially if you consider that the ATSC equipped 13 inch TV at Best Buy sells for about $20 more than one without. We think this is a good idea, but we agree with the FCC chairman Michael Copps: it would have been much better if it went into effect 14 months ago when congress passed the law that will cause NTSC transmissions to cease on Feb 19th 2009.

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