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BBC examines WoW's Chinese gold farmers


The BBC has taken a straight look at Chinese gold farmers in the World of Warcraft. We'd fear for our own jobs when MSM begin competently portraying game news -- thankfully, gold farming is old news and has already been well documented in the last two years, so we feel relatively safe. The piece takes a look at your typical Chinese gold farming operation, with some nifty use of green-screen by the reporter being magically teleported into the game.

At least it wasn't another WoW game addiction piece. Of course, the 60 Minutes-level reporting we'll never see from the MSM would be if Blizzard actually likes Chinese gold farmers. Think about it, they're constantly buying new copies of the game, keep players involved in the game who would normally quit because they can't keep up and generally maintaining a black-market that's actually healthy for the games bottom line. But that's a conspiracy for another day.

[Via WoW Insider]

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