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Don't forget to leave Folding@Home on each Sunday!

Nick Doerr

If you check out our Official-ish PS3Fanboy Folding Team stats, we've almost cracked the top 400 worldwide for folding excellence. In light of this, we'd like to take this opportunity to first, thank you guys. Second, we'd like to remind everyone that each Sunday at 8PM (whatever time zone you're in) to let Folding@Home run. We've folded practically as much as big-name medical companies -- our efforts beat out the main Joystiq team by a multiple of five (almost). Not surprising, as we'd wholly expect anyone with a PS3 to play on our team! Anyway, that's about all we've got to offer. Remember guys, Sunday night, fold for team 57793!

[Thanks for the reminder, Sean!]

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