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SK Telecom launches 5.9mm Samsung C210

Chris Ziegler

Careful, don't breathe -- it might snap! We kid, we kid; the Samsung SCH-C210's magnesium and fiberglass-reinforced body should be able to stand up to the best punishment we can toss at it. As you might recall, a candybar bearing this very form was officially announced at 3GSM as the Ultra Edition 5.9, but the difference here is that the SCH-C210 is a CDMA handset destined for Korea's own SK Telecom. Features include a 2 megapixel cam, Bluetooth, media player, built-in dictionary, and something called a "pop-pin touch keypad" that vibrates the phone ever so gently when the user presses a key as a means of feedback. Needless to say, we'll never see this particular variant of the Ultra Edition 5.9 in the US, but with any luck, we imagine we should be able to get our hands on the GSM version at some point.

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