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Zoozen's conceptual Ovo 360 replacement case for Xbox 360

Darren Murph

We've certainly got no qualms with hacking up your Xbox 360 case to garner maximum enjoyment out of it, and if production issues can work themselves out, it looks like Zoozen will be stepping to the plate for those who want a pre-fabricated change. Of course, if you're just looking for a glossy white paint job, we're sure Colorware could arrange it, but the Ovo 360 replacement case looks more like a gigantic mouse (albeit a bit less oval-inspired) than a gaming console. The concept displays a full neon underbody kit, all the ports we're become so used to on Microsoft's own design, and a frightening disclaimer that a good bit of "development" is still in the works. But hey, if it's the thought that counts (at least initially), Zoozen's probably got a winner, so be sure to click on through for a brief videotaped overview of the case itself.

[Via MaxConsole]

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