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How about some French hardware sales instead?

Nick Doerr

Week after week (give or take a week in between) we give you our Japanese hardware sales, thinking that's probably a fair estimate of the world's sales. Seems that's still true. The same trends hold true in France, also. What trends? We'll enlighten you after the numbers. Oh, by the way, these are the numbers for the entire first quarter of 2007 -- which kind of puts it in perspective. Kind of.

  • DS - 260,000
  • Wii - 144,000
  • PS2 - 92,000
  • PSP - 90,000
  • PS3 - 81,000
  • 360 - 43,000

The trends are as follows: Nintendo tops the charts and the PS2 beats out PS3. For the entire first quarter, might we say that these sales aren't that great for any system? If this were for the week or even month, we'd be surprised, but for the quarter? Not so much. About 12 weeks in three months -- so that's like 6,750 PS3's a week. Take it as you will, guys! But there you have it -- France.

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