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New Gran Turismo HD footage to leave you breathless

Nick Doerr

We mean just that -- it's Gran Turismo HD footage. Video, due out on the PS Store this Thursday/Friday, will show a new car: the Nissan Xanavi Nismo Z. This is true, however, don't hold your breath for any GTHD updates anytime soon -- this doesn't portend what you think it does.

Sony contacted CVG with this to say about the upcoming footage: "The new GTHD video is scheduled to go onto the PS Store this Friday, May 4. It's a bespoke video that was made for Nissan at the Geneva Motorshow." Sony continued, saying there's no big announcement coming and the video is just for "funsies" (not actually a quote from them) because the download has proved so popular. Sorry guys, we'll keep our eyes open for any GT5 info... whenever it comes around the bend.

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