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Battered DS Lite makes baby Jesus cry

Eric Caoili

When it comes to adding troops to the DS Fanboy regiment, we make sure to fill our ranks with only the manliest of men. (Uh, and womanliest of women.). As far as bloggers go, we're as Ford tough as they get. Even in birth, we exited our mothers' wombs uncomplaining, ready for the hardship ahead.

Still, our eyes welled up when we saw this broken and battered Nintendo DS Lite. According to an employee at Best Buy, the handheld was returned after its owner claimed that it had just "stopped working." Customer service must have neglected to give the DS a good look, because we can't imagine any store taking back a product in this condition. The right hinge has been knocked out of place, every recess is filled and marked with grime, and one of its corners bares the teeth marks of a childish fit.

The two VeggieTales stickers marring the Crystal White's once-glossy finish are the worst offenses. Is there any hell that this DS Lite wasn't put through? Head past the post break for more unsettling photos of this portable's mistreatment.

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