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Don Bluth trying to make Dragon's Lair movie

Kevin Kelly

Lately it seems like Dragon's Lair has been all over the place. In addition to the recently released (and problematic) Blu-ray version, Cinematical reports that Don Bluth has been shopping around a new Dragon's Lair project recently, complete with a finished script and concept artwork. Bluth had worked on a feature film version that never saw the light of day back in 1983 ( you can check out some storyboards from that here).

It'll be a prequel that details Dirk the Daring's adventures outside the lair ... so wouldn't calling it Dragon's Lair be a bit misleading? Kind of like a Star Wars movie that all takes place on one planet. Still, Bluth was quite the animation director back in the day, so here's hoping that this one gets off the ground and makes it to theaters. It'll have to be better than the Saturday morning cartoon version.

Also, let's hope they give Dirk more to say than "Uh oh." Plus they should talk to this guy about the costuming.

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