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Guildwatch: Back in the swing of things

Mike Schramm

I think I can now safely say that most guilds have either survived the expansion drama, or reformed as guilds that can, because things are really rolling in the endgame lately. Lots of guilds are moving up through Karazhan, and we're finally seeing those 25-man groups out there working on Gruul. Raiding times are here again?

This week's GW starts right after the jump, but don't forget-- next week's Guildwatch is completely and totally supported by your tips! If you've got info about drama, downed, or recruiting going on around the servers, get 'em in the email right now, please:!


  • This week on GW, we just don't report drama: we cause it, baby. Last week, we reported that Bloodbath and Beyond on Anetheron had a main tank who reportedly ninja'ed the Chess Event chest, and got /gicked for it, but not before bringing the guild bank with him. This week, GW received (in our personal emailbox, mind you), an angry email from a "top officer" of said guild saying that the ninja alert was completely false. Another member of the guild emailed us with his Armory profile, and said that we should check our facts-- their guild bank, "Chicamin," is still with them. Only, we looked at his guild listing, and didn't see any Chicamin. In fact, there is no Chicamin in the Armory at all. So either the bank Chicamin is below level 10 (and thus doesn't appear on the Armory), or BB and B needs to get their facts straight. At any rate, we'll use this opportunity to remind you, dear readers, that everything printed in Guildwatch is submitted anonymously, and all rumors about guild drama are just that-- rumors. In their defense, repeated requests by GW for proof of the ninja from the anonymous tipster went unanswered.
  • Whoops, I almost forgot the best part of the above note. The guild member who emailed GW also mentioned that the guild also wants to post a recruiting notice-- wait for it-- for tanks to run Kara with them. But it's not what you think; their previous tank just "had some changes in their scheduling."
  • Awesome official forum drama. I'm a little bit "TL;DR" about the whole thing, but our tipster breaks it down like this: The Fourth Seal was a guild created just pre-BC "by ravaging two of the best Alliance guilds on Detheroc," IO and Pheonix. From what I can tell, ripping apart two guilds to try to squeeze people into one just didn't work out.
  • Nox Eternae on Darkspear-H just suffered an exodus. Their MT along with the top warlock and a ranking mage to join Death Wish on Cho'gal, and then the warlock (typical) came back to the guild's forums to claim another guildie was planning on leaving with them, but was too chicken to do it. So lots of good drama from that. But an insider from Nox tells us what's done is done-- they've survived members leaving before, and they'll do it again. They, too, however, are now looking for a good tank.
  • Godspeed on Medivh showed up in the endgame to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and they used up both doublemints: They've dropped Gruul and cleared 11/12 in Karazhan (including up to the Prince in four hours). Nice!
  • Dead Presidents on Archimonde (with an assist from Guildless) took Moroes out like chinese food, and then went up and two shotted the Big Bad Wolf (that fight is freakin' fun, man).
  • Den of Evil on Kel'thuzad-A dropped Nightmare (pic above). Does that mean they woke up-- or he did?
  • Nameless on Executus-A kilt High King Maulgar, and here's the photographic evidence. Grats!
  • Kingdom Knights on Draenor-A (EU) have finished off the Opera event and the Curator. They're also looking for some help moving up-- specifically resto druids and holy priests, a few locks, and shaman and prot warriors.
  • Omega Rising on Azgalor-H wants you!
  • iDemise (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award!) on Shattered Halls-H wants 65+ droods, shammies, and warriors. Why don't warriors have a cute nickname?
  • Sword of Azeroth on Undermine-A is a guild that has plenty of adjectives that describe them: casual, friendly, laid-back, and mature. They're looking for level 20+ people who are cool and like to have fun.
  • Wraith on Icecrown-H is a frequently raiding guild looking for a mage, lock, hunter, and a resto druid to move past Gruul and beyond.
  • Monkey Grabs the Peach (which came so, so close to the Best Guild Name award this week) on Bloodhoof-A is recruiting a few healer for Karazhan. They say they're working on Moroes, so I'm guessing they want priests for shackle-y goodness, but maybe they just need more healing in general.
  • The Lollipop Guild on Alleria-A is made up of mostly 20s and 30s (several couples who play together) that are looking for players of all levels to group up and enjoy themselves in Azeroth.
  • The Astral Order on Eldre'Thalas-A is already running a few Karazhan groups, but are always looking for good players (especially healers and tanks, but they're not picky) to join them and have fun doing it
  • Ascension of Blackwater Raiders-H just downed the Prince for a Hordeside first, and want to fill out their 2nd and 3rd Kara teams. Loot hogs and egomaniacs not welcome, but adult, experienced, team-oriented raiders always are.
  • Orion of Aerie Peak-A wants some shadow priests and holy pallies to assist with Gruul. You've gotta have Vent, and they say NO DRAMA. But that's no fun!
  • Cessation of Burning Blade-A wants, IMHO, the best WoW players ever: casual, with some raiding experience, and decent gear. Great players, but hard to find.
  • Sin wants all levels on Exodar-H.
  • Fallen Fury on Firetree-H luvs WoW Insider (thanks, buddy!), and they're looking for some leet healers to help them out with endgame raiding. And you know if they love us, you healers will love them. <3!
  • The Hobo Liberation Front on Malygos wants you to join them, and I'll let them close the column today with this one: They say they've "downed more bosses than Lindsay Lohan's downed drinks!" Well played, HLF. Well played.
That's it for this week. Remember friends: your tips make this column go BOOM (and poof, and crunch, and slip, and crackle, and all those other weird noises it makes). Send tips (anonymous or otherwise) to

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