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Hironobu Sakaguchi Mixtape: Beef with Kutaragi

Jared Rea

When you're the creator of Rad Racer, hatin' just comes with the territory. In the June issue of EGM, the head of Mistwalker himself, Hironobu Sakaguchi, had a very simple response to why he has no plans for the PlayStation 3.

"The machine's architecture is tricky, and I don't like Ken Kutaragi."

Snap, son! Ken "I Got Shot Nine Times" Kutaragi only announced his retirement last week and you want to play him like that? The Final Fantasy creator was also asked about the Wii and said that while intriguing, he has no plans at this time.

Naturally, this is where the crazies don the cap of money, clench their teeth and spray spittle in the form of flames. Yes, Mistwalker is working on a few Microsoft exclusives, but that doesn't mean he isn't without critiques.

He says Microsoft's marketing strategy needs to do a better job selling Japanese consumers on "excellent" titles like Gears of War and calls out their Windows Vista ad saying "it's terrrible."

Why the hate, Sakaguchi? We suppose "wow" isn't as catchy as DOOO DOOO DOOO!

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