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Kutaragi already planned PlayStation 4, 5, 6 and cold fusion

Kevin Kelly

Even though Ken Kutaragi is "retiring" from Sony (it saddens us to imagine security walking him to the front door, while he carries a cardboard box full of his belongings), he had already "envisioned" the PlayStation 4, 5, and 6, and probably also helped solidify his "graduation" by cornering people and going on about his PlayStation master plan for world domination.

His next project appears to be working on a net-based game console, which sounds both kooky and smart at the same time. But, does he mean a console that uses processes similar to the SETI program and Folding@home? Or does he mean some sort of a console that just lives online and all games are purchased online? He could possibly even be hinting at a Giant Crab Network that will specialize in, well ... you know.

Either way, it's all old-hat for Kutaragi, you had to have been integral to the design of the PlayStation 9.

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