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May 4 launch for LG CU500v, for real this time?

Chris Ziegler

Fool us once, shame on you, AT&T; fool us twice, well... we all know how that saying goes. Be that as it may, we're going to stick our necks out a little bit and say that AT&T's flubbing of the CU500v's launch last Friday was truly indicative of imminent availability. A source has provided us with a document indicating that AT&T's first Video Share device will finally be available "to all channels of distribution" starting this Friday, May 4. Other than that, there aren't any real surprises on the doc -- as expected, the highlights here over the CU500 are Video Share and the move to AT&T branding -- though can we just emphasize how silly it is that they're clinging to the "CV" branding for Cingular Video by changing it to "Cellular Video"? Click on for the full text of the doc.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]


ATT will be launching the re-branded CU500v starting May 4, 2007 which will be available to all channels of distribution.

Note: Official launch of the CU500v will be dependant on local market sell-through rates of the LG CU500 – once local market inventory is sold stores will start to receive the re-branded version.

The ATT branded version of the CU500v will include the same features and functionality as the LG CU500. In addition to the original great services and features, the ATT branded version will be one of the first devices to support Video Share (VS). Information on how to Video Share and the requirements to use the service can be found in the Quick Start Guide and User Manual included in the device box and will also be posted to the Equipment Catalog in CSP. Additional software updates to the ATT branded version of the CU500v include the following:

ATT Branded CU500v Software and Hardware Updates
• Device branding change from Cingular to ATT
• Cingular Video name change to Cellular Video
• Cingular Music name change to ATT Mobile Music
• Cingular Mall name change to ATT Mall
• Video Share Client is available on the CU500v

Note: Only service names on the actual device user interface that referenced "Cingular" were renamed in the software update

The "v " on the end of the CU500v is used to indicate the Video Share version of the device


ATT Branded SKU Information
Memphis 64629
ATC 652810719735


The CU500v uses the same accessories as the CU500 – for a full list of accessories, please refer to the Accessories Catalog in CSP


Device training information will be posted in the Equipment Catalog located – please reference the correct training materials based on the device branding due to software updates in the ATT version.

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