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More Sadness details squeezed out of Nibris, the saga continues


Just when we were ready to forget this whole Sadness debacle, Nibris drops a few more pieces of artwork and information to keep our attention, some of which we were already aware of. At least they didn't contradict themselves and start a brand new round of "NIBRIS IS TEH FAEK!!!!111!".

We knew Sadness would feature two main characters: a woman (Maria) and her son Alexander. Now we know that Maria is around 30 years old and of Polish-Hungarian descent. Not exactly earth-shattering information, but what the heck, it's interesting. The game's length has been upped from 15 to 20 hours, and Nibris will use voice acting extensively. Fog will also be a major part of the game, allowing the in-game visuals to match the quality of the concept art released over the last year.

A few other interesting factoids:
  • There are nearly 50 people involved with the making of Sadness.
  • There are 18 species of monsters throughout the game, and different ones will appear depending on how you play.
  • Some of the monsters will be "friendly", but don't expect flowers and a shoulder massage.
  • The music will be performed by "one of the best" orchestras.
  • Release date on the official site is still 2007.
So there you have it, more tidbits for the game we're still afraid to yearn for.

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