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New Gears of War maps hit this Thursday

Justin McElroy

Take heart, Gears of War fans and Gary Jules, you're finally going to be able to do something about "worn-out places" when a pack of four new multiplayer maps for the game drops this Thursday on Xbox Live. The "worn-out faces"? Still entirely your problem.

For 800 points ($10) you'll get the "Hidden Fronts" pack, which includes "Bullet Marsh" (a Kryll-infested swamp), "Garden" (an overgrown conservatory), "Process" (an Imulsion processing plant) and "Subway" (piece it together). They're not free like Epic wanted right now, but that'll be rectified if you download after Sept. 3, when they'll become a free download, Halo 2 style. So, will you be waiting, or will you be wearing out the places with the rest of us?

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