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Revised Security Update 004 and QT CanSecWest fix released


Those of you in the habit of waiting a week or two to apply Apple's updates may now begin to snicker in satisfaction. A revised version of the 004 security update was released this afternoon, correcting two issues (Airport problems in 10.3.9 and FTP settings on Mac OS X Server). We linked to MacFixit's troubleshooting report for the original update late last week.

Also released: QuickTime 7.1.6, which applies to both Mac OS X and Windows deployments and closes the Java exploit used to win the CanSecWest $10,000 challenge. As expected, researcher Dino Dai Zovi and the Zero Day Initiative/Tipping Point are credited with the discovery of the vulnerability. The ZDI writeup notes that the time from discovery to patch was eight days... not all that bad.

[via MacRumors]

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