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Sims 2 and H&M bring us adver-gaming v2.0


If you can't get enough of your Sims, but you're starting to think they're looking a bit drab in their fashions -- well, buck up kiddo, 'cause SimsGamer tells us you can now pre-order the Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff to dress your Sims up for summer. The game releases June 5 and will cost (wait, this can't be right) $20?

Remember how we're always told that advertising in games is supposed to bring cost down? There was even a Morgan Minute about the subject and we're still waiting for it to be true. You'd think that this "expansion" would be given away free at H&M. It benefits the company and extends the life of the three-year-old game. But, if EA is selling it at $20 there must be plenty of people who are going to plunk down the cash for what amounts to an ad for H&M that you play. A brilliant move by H&M and EA to charge customers for advertising if it works, good show.

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