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Sony announces PSP Go!Cam for PAL regions

Evan Blass

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No real surprises here -- except for how long it took Sony to kick this thing out the door -- but European PSP owners will finally be able to join their Japanese brethren in playing with the much-anticipated PSP camera peripheral now known as the Go!Cam. The €50 (~$68) cam will hit PAL regions on May 16th bundled with the so-called Go!Edit software package, and though we doubt it's as full-featured as the apps shipping with the PlayStation Eye, it sounds like your basic editing and enhancement functions are taken care of. No word yet on a US launch -- we'd expect an announcement to follow quite soon -- but since we almost forgot this darn thing existed in the first place, we look at any release at all as nothing short of a complete and total victory.

[Via DCemu]

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