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System envy: 7 DS games I wish were on PSP

Steven Bailey

I may write about PSP gaming news, but I own and play every system (including the new and next-gen consoles). So while I do get to play most any game I want, I can't help but wish in a feverish state, that certain system exclusives went to other consoles. In this case, if I wanted to list 7 DS games I'd love to see show up on PSP (however unrealistic that may be). So here it is:

  1. New Super Mario Bros (My favorite DS game, but I would like better power ups and more variety. It would also be great to see what the creators could do in 2D with the power of PSP)
  2. SNK vs Capcom Cardfighters (Addictive and strategic gameplay that makes me giddy. Only if it comes to PSP, add back in free-roaming and take out the game killing bug)
  3. Ace Attorney (Great characters, funny cases and it makes you think. That sorta game would work on any system)
  4. Kirby (He may be cute, but the gameplay is classic)
  5. Advance Wars (Because Field Commander is good, but not THIS good)
  6. WarioWare(Because there aren't enough mini-game titles on PSP)
  7. Meteos (Because every Q? Entertainment game should be on PSP)

What about you reader? Are there any DS games you'd like to see on PSP, or do you refuse to even entertain the thought?

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