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Tomb Raider: Anniversary, day and date on GameTap and more

Jared Rea

Referred to as May Day on their design blog, Turner's buffet-esque gaming service, GameTap, has some huge announcements today. The headliner of which is a real doozy. Through a deal with Eidos, the upcoming Tomb Raider: Anniversary will be made available on the service come launch day, June 5th, and at no extra cost to subscribers. The title will also be available to non-subscribers via their upcoming digital distribution store as well.

GameTap has been offering brand-new, original titles at no extra cost for a while now (see: Sam & Max, Myst Online), but to take this trend and run with a third party is huge.

Closing out May Day is May 31st where GameTap will crack open its doors a bit with a new free-to-play portal. Not regulated to chump titles, the new service will launch with games such as Metal Slug, Bust-a-Move and Tomb Raider: Legend. This will be made possible with their new three-tiers of membership and a handy-dandy chart to explain these tiers (two of which are free, by the way) has been made available after the break.

In other GameTap news, both the press release and blog have mentioned the Metal Slug and King of Fighters series coming to the service. Nice.

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