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Weather forecasts could be aided by sensor-laden aircraft

Darren Murph

We know, it's rather disappointing to check the local forecast on your Melitta MS1MSB or Wii weather channel, only to find the conditions completely not as you expected once you stroll outside, but those guesstimates could be getting a bit of help from weather tracking airplanes. Boeing has filed a patent application that would "using airborne radars to measure wind vectors," essentially strapping weather-sensing nodes onto an airplane so that it collects real-time data whilst passing across remote regions of the planet that typically get ignored. Better yet, the data could even be cross-referenced with nearby planes in order to estimate the best actual forecast for a given region based on numerous information sources, potentially yielding a more accurate look at forthcoming weather. Of course, all logic here would point to humanoid meteorologists being established to interpret and disseminate the information, but until all this gets real, we'll be playin' it safe with the weather forecasting umbrella.

[Via NewScientistTech]

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