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Wii Warm Up: EA waggle

Jason Wishnov

So, EA has thrown their support behind the Wii (after a categorical beatdown in sales). It's great to have the behemoth on our side, of course, but there seems to be this mystique in the air, one that enforces a rule: if a multi-platform game is coming to the Wii, it needs to use waggle.

Take, for instance, the upcoming version of NBA Live '08, featuring one hobbled Agent Zero (Gilbert Arenas) on the cover. Do we really want to have to dribble the ball using the Wiimote? Even something like passing could be wildly inaccurate if two players are in the same direction; the game might end up suffering as a result.

Do you feel as though multiplatform games tend to benefit from additional Wii controls, or suffer? What are some notable examples?

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