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360 Queenz theme too mature for Marketplace

Dustin Burg

It looks like Microsoft put their foot down and stopped the sexually charged 360 Queenz theme and gamer pictures from making it to the XBLM. Deacon, the guy who posted the exclusive 360 Queenz preview, updated the Unscripted 360 community saying that "Microsoft isn't going to release it for whatever reason. too provocative? please. if this is too provocative then i'm at a loss for words". So, it's looking like those painted 360 girls won't be coming to an XBLM near you, because Microsoft thinks the whole thing reeks of bad taste. But look on the bright side, you are now free to spend those 150 Microsoft points that you were saving up. What's your opinion on this? Do you think those 360 Queenz were a little too sexy for the Marketplace or did Microsoft overreact just a bit? Vent away fanboys ...

[Thanks, AoE]

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