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Ask Engadget: Best video camera for $1000?


After burning the midnight question-answering oil with y'all last night, we're here for another session of Ask Engadget. To get your questions featured, hit up ask at engadget dawt com, and we'll pick the best for answering by your fellow readers. After dwelling on the topic of Anna's e-book conundrum last night, we're going after a much broader category today, with a question from Clancy:

"I'm looking to buy a new video camera. I don't want a "home handycam," but similarly I don't have loads of money, therefore I want a camera good in low light good for shooting movies and short films (good/quick focus etc) but I only want to spend about $1000 US. I realize that for that sort of money I'm not going to get much but what would you suggest? I've been looking at the Panasonic PV-GS500, what do you think?"

Lots of options out there. Clancy isn't going to get the pinnacle of cinematography for one grand, that's for sure, but we're betting he can find something passable at that price. Any suggestions?

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